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Fitness Classes

Feel Fit offers a variety of classes for every level. Created and developed by the industry's best minds and taught by talented instructors who test your limits and inspire results.

Fit & Form

Join us for a direct resistance training class. We welcome you to using direct body weight or selected weight equipment.

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Join us for a total-body strength and conditioning group fitness class for anyone looking to get lean, toned, and fit! This motivating, results-driven workout is designed to burn calories and build muscle using light to moderate weights. It's perfect for all fitness levels and can be modified so everyone can participate.

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Ready, Set, Rep

Get ready for a strength class to get you feeling your best self! This class has a wide variety of strength, circuit and resistance training.

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Ripped Strength

With the use of free weights, this class focuses on upper and lower body strengh creating long and lean muscles while building a stronger core!

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Join us for a high intensity workout with a heavy, weighted flywheel, that is linked to the pedals focusing on endurance, strength and interval training.

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Join us for an all level muscle therapy class targeting a variety of areas in the body! We will work on balance, posture & core strength while creating a muscle/mind connection to use throughout all areas of your fitness journey.

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F. A. Q.

Are masks required in the gym?

Masks are required when entering and exiting the gym.