About Us

Core Values


  • We are committed to improving and enhancing the value of membership
  • We re-invest in our facility, equipment, and programs on a regular basis


  • We strive to create a fun, friendly, and motivating environment where members can make a positive lifestyle change
  • We aim to keep the club environment community-focused and offer free guest days every Saturday of the year.

Superior Service

  • We are here to listen to our members' interests and needs. It is our priority to make your membership at Feel Fit one that is unmatched by any other.


  • We will conduct our business with honesty and treat all staff, members, and guests with respect. “Treat others as you would want to be treated” is the driving force in our employee and member relations.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to serve all members of the community looking to achieve “a healthier lifestyle” We believe fitness is a journey that you should enjoy and prosper from. At Feel Fit, we are here to serve all, ranging from those who want to lose weight and tone up, to those who are serious about improving performance. Whatever your goal, Feel Fit has exactly what you need.

We are more than just fitness. It is our focus to build a welcoming atmosphere that is friendly and ego-free. Feel Fit is locally owned and operated, therefore we strive to keep the community based feel alive within an industry that can sometimes be more about numbers than personal experience.

Member Referrals:

We want more members like you. We don’t do mass mailings. We don’t market to the masses. At FEEL FIT, we prefer to grow from within. You know us best and you know people who would enjoy and benefit from FEEL FIT. So, on your next visit, bring them in with you. When you refer a member, you must be present in the club for sign-up. Upon referral, you will receive the equivalent of 1-month of their dues as in-club-credit to be spent however you like. Not to mention, new members will get 1-month unlimited classes on us along with a member packet that includes a t-shirt and all the info you need to get started.